Welcome to our renowned trailblazing construction company

We are a leading engineering construction company with many years of delivering top -quality civil construction projects. We have successfully executed hundreds of enviable projects with several organizations and many cities throughout the world.

Having established an unparalleled expertise in our past projects, our company today commands the pace in engineering and infrastructural development, entangled with rich technical expertise in the construction of bridges, airport runways, roads, large business complexes, highways, housing projects and other construction works.

We are passionate about imbibing excellence in our philosophy, having a vision in maintaining the strength of our nation’s infrastructure builds, CITI Construction has reorganized engineering practice across the globe designing a road map for the promising future of numerous countries.

With well qualified and professional engineers, experienced manpower, state -of -the -art machinery and plants, coupled with our defined standard of operation as well as the uncompromising mindset of utmost professionalism throughout the entire organization, we are rightly seen as one of the most valued, finest infrastructure company delivering engineering solutions in the globe.

We consistently stand out as we demonstrate the real meaning of excellence in some of the outstanding projects that we have designed in the country, measuring originality and professionalism in engineering practices to be equal with the clique of leading engineering /construction companies in the entire world.

Our aspiration is to further consolidate our position as one of the most sought -after engineering companies in Europe offering incredible value to many of our happy clients, members of staff, partners, shareholders and members of our host communities where we work.

In line with our conceptual drive, our erudite management team interprets its vision, speedily advancing the course of the company as a force to reckon with in the construction industry and an excellent team leading the pace in infrastructure, Ports and the marine corridor while offering robust returns to its stakeholders.