Since establishment, we’ve come to develop good working relationships with our loyal customers as well as other highly skilled subcontractors like developers, architects and landscapers. It is also in line with our vision and mission that we focus on these areas:

  1. Concrete Products

  2. Scaffolding

  3. Blocks and Interlocks

  4. Concrete Manhole

  5. Dredging and Marine Constructions

Concrete Products

Our construction company is developing and executing the formed and prestressed concrete elements based on every client’s request or requirement, using our technologically equipped procedure and tools.

The components in the formed and prestressed concrete elements comprise the following:

  • Wire tension machine

  • Auxiliary machines like cranes, heavy duty trucks, land vehicles.

  • A concrete batching plant

  • Cutting diamond saw (horizontal)

  • Slabs pouring machine

  • A vehicle to cover the poured lumps with linoleum

  • Wire drawing machine


We design the iron scaffolds needed for executing concrete structures and determining the right quantity and size, in order to ensure safety. Also, we employ methods and strategies in transferring iron scaffolds between several buildings within the project site.

Scaffolding systems:

  • Lightweight or timber beam

  • Mixed forms:

Squaromatic beam clamps

Lightweight slim soldiers

Major slim soldiers and open soldiers

  • Table form

  • Prop telescopic beam or timber beam

  • Timber Beam + Steel Waller

Blocks and Interlocks

We have experienced manpower in the Blocks and Interlocks production line. We produce different kinds of hollow blocks, solid blocks and interlocks with the use of computerized batching plants of about (90m3/h).

  • Concrete Manhole

  • Our production capacity is 40 manholes per day.

  • The machineries and equipment in the factory are;

  • machine for pipes and manholes

  • batching plant for semi-dry concrete production

  • metal moulds for pipe components, attached with some vibrators and manholes.

Dredging and Marine Constructions

Our focus here includes:

  • Ports excavation

  • Dredging works

  • Waterways construction

  • Preparatory designs for bridges and slopes

  • Removing debris and persistent organic toxins